PHysics Of Eclipsing BinariEs

Introducing PHOEBE 2

PHOEBE is an eclipsing binary modeling suite - reproducing and fitting light curve and radial velocity curves of eclipsing systems.

PHOEBE 2 is a completely rewritten version of the popular PHOEBE legacy suite that aims to provide better precision, new physics, and modeling of additional observables - all with intuitive and powerful python interfaces.

PHOEBE is written by an international team of professional astronomers, and is completely open-source.

Feel free to download and install PHOEBE and then follow the tutorials. If (or when) you get stuck, refer to the documentation, or always feel free to contact us.

Better precision

PHOEBE 2 uses a new method for meshing surfaces and handling eclipsing regions - allowing for high-precision modeling of eclipse events.

New Physics

PHOEBE 2 allows for new physics to be included in your model. Many of these features are currently still being tested.

  • Doppler boosting/beaming
  • Roemer and light-time delay (LTTE effects)
  • Coming soon: Reflection with heat redistribution
  • Coming soon: Pulsations (spherical and oblique)
  • Coming soon: Differential Rotation
  • Coming soon: Magnetic Fields
  • Coming soon: Rings/Accretion Disks
  • Coming soon: Hierarchical Multiple Systems

Additional Observables

PHOEBE 2 now has the capability of modeling a large range of multiple observable types, all of which can be included while fitting your model to available data. Many of these new observables still require testing or are not yet fully supported.

  • Photometry (Light Curves)
  • Radial Velocities
  • Coming soon: Spectra
  • Coming soon: Polarimetry
  • Coming soon: Interferometry
  • Coming soon: Astrometry
  • Coming soon: Eclipse Timing Variations

Interface with Fitting Routines

Coming soon: PHOEBE 2 will include wrappers that interface directly with many off-the-shelf fitting routines.

as well as several built into PHOEBE iteslf:

  • Coming soon: grid search
  • Coming soon: differential corrections

Contact Us if you'd like to request support for a different fitting routine.

Swappable Backends and Plugins

The PHOEBE 2 frontend can do more than just run its own backend - it also wraps backends of other popular codes, including:

Follow along with the alternate backends tutorial for how to utilize these alternate backends.

Contact Us if you'd like another backend supported.


Coming soon: PHOEBE 2 will be parallelized at both the per-fitting-iteration and per-time-computation levels. Submitting a computational job with a scheduler will be integrated right into the frontend interface.

Contact Us if you'd like to request support for a different scheduler.

Convenient Web Interface

Coming soon: PHOEBE 2 will soon have an online web-interface, allowing you to model systems all from a web browser, with no installation required.

Intuitive Python Frontend

PHOEBE 2 now includes an intuitive python frontend that allows you to store all information about your system (system parameters, datasets, computing and fitting options) in a single python object that is saveable to disk.

Powerful Python Backend

If the frontend is not quite powerful enough for your needs, you can wield the full power of the backend. Follow along with the backend tutorial to learn how to access these lower-level functionalities.

PHOEBE is funded in part by the National Science Foundation (NSF grant #1517474)