PHOEBE 1.0 (legacy)

PHysics of Eclipsing BinariEs

Note: the legacy version of PHOEBE (0.x and 1.0) is no longer actively developed. The code is still maintained and any problems should be reported. Users starting from scratch should consider using PHOEBE 2.0 instead.

PHOEBE stands for PHysics Of Eclipsing BinariEs. It is a tool for the modeling of eclipsing binary stars based on real photometric and spectroscopic (radial velocity) data.

PHOEBE 1.0 (legacy) is based on the Wilson-Devinney (WD) code. The suite consists of three parts:

PHOEBE is and will always be free: both free of charge and free in a sense that you may re-use its code in any way you see fit, for as long as your product remains free, released under the General Public License. However, please think of PHOEBE as postcardware - if you want to express symbolic recognition and stimulate further PHOEBE development, please send a postcard to the developers!