PHOEBE 1.0 (legacy)


Although we strive to make PHOEBE as intuitive as possible, there are a number of scientific, numerical and technical details that need precise and thorough description. For that reason we have initiated several booklets that are freely downloadable. Still, given the enormous amount of work that the developers are presented with, it is very difficult to keep the documentation as up-to-date as we would like it to be. That is why all booklets are envisoned to be community-driven: we need volunteers to help us create and improve them.

Booklet title: No. of pages: Last modified: Download:
PHOEBE scientific reference 182pp 2011-06-14 pdf
PHOEBE API 71pp 2008-04-21 pdf
PHOEBE user manual 21pp 2011-04-13 pdf
PHOEBE tutorial 36pp 2007-06-20 html
PHOEBE library API 2018-04-27 html
PHOEBE FAQ 2018-04-27 html