PHOEBE 1.0 (legacy)


Download the latest legacy version
Git (https://git-scm.com) is a version control system that keeps track of all modifications and additions to PHOEBE source code. It logs all changes that have been made and generates the backtrack policy that enables developers to update the source without the overhead of keeping the stable release backed up: git is capable of recreating the exact contents of the source at any given time.

PHOEBE is served on github. To browse the repository, click here. For those unfamiliar with git and/or version control systems in general, here is the official documentation page for git. It provides manuals, books and videos to get you started.

PHOEBE uses the repository for two main purposes: To download PHOEBE from github, issue:

git clone https://github.com/phoebe-project/phoebe1.git

This will create a phoebe1 directory and download the latest sources. To compile it, follow the generic instructions in the top-level INSTALL file.
Download the stable version
The latest stable release is 0.31a. Download it directly from the link below:

PHOEBE version Size Format Release Date ChangeLog
PHOEBE Lib 0.31a 2.3MB Tarball (.tar.gz) 2008-06-16 View
PHOEBE Scripter 0.31a 206KB Tarball (.tar.gz) 2008-06-16 View
PHOEBE GUI 0.31a 220KB Tarball (.tar.gz) 2008-06-16 View
PHOEBE Lib 0.31 2.3MB Tarball (.tar.gz) 2008-06-01 View
PHOEBE Scripter 0.31 205KB Tarball (.tar.gz) 2008-06-01 View
PHOEBE GUI 0.31 217KB Tarball (.tar.gz) 2008-06-01 View
PHOEBE Lib 0.30 1.6MB Tarball (.tar.gz) 2007-11-15 View
PHOEBE Scripter 0.30 199KB Tarball (.tar.gz) 2007-11-15 View
PHOEBE GUI 0.30 191KB Tarball (.tar.gz) 2007-11-15 View
PHOEBE Lib 0.30RC2 1.6MB Tarball (.tar.gz) 2007-11-03 View
PHOEBE Scripter 0.30RC2 199KB Tarball (.tar.gz) 2007-11-03 View
PHOEBE GUI 0.30RC2 184KB Tarball (.tar.gz) 2007-11-03 View
PHOEBE 0.30RC1 (monolithic) 3.6MB Tarball (.tar.gz) 2007-10-15 View

To build PHOEBE 0.3x, first build the library from the phoebe-lib tarball, and then build the scripter and the GUI from the phoebe-scripter and phoebe-gui tarballs by following generic instructions in each directory (the usual ./configure; make; sudo make install should work just fine if you have all pre-requisites installed).

There have been several development versions released in the past, the so-called pre-releases. These are provided below for the sake of completeness, but if you wish to use the development version of PHOEBE, please use the development version hosted on git.

PHOEBE version Size Format Release Date ChangeLog
PHOEBE 0.30pre4 1.8MB Tarball (.tar.gz) 16. 05. 2005 View
PHOEBE 0.30pre3 1.5MB Tarball (.tar.gz) 15. 03. 2005 View
PHOEBE 0.30pre2 1.4MB Tarball (.tar.gz) 26. 07. 2004 View
PHOEBE 0.30pre1 524KB Tarball (.tar.gz) 26. 03. 2004 View
PHOEBE 0.30pre0 512KB Tarball (.tar.gz) 07. 01. 2004 View

Download the Windows version
As of version 0.31, PHOEBE is available to MS Windows users. It has been built using GNU libraries, which implies a somewhat large self-extracting executable (~15MB). Click on the link below to initiate the download. Please report any problems to the phoebe-devel mailing list.

PHOEBE version Size Format Release Date ChangeLog
PHOEBE 0.32-snapshot 13MB Executable (.exe) 2017-09-25 View
PHOEBE 0.31a 15MB Executable (.exe) 2008-06-16 View
PHOEBE 0.31 15MB Executable (.exe) 2008-06-01 View
Download the Mac version
These instructions are graciously provided by Carla Maceroni, and further edited by Francesc Villardel. It is still somewhat tricky to install PHOEBE on Macs. Here we provide general instructions in hope they are useful. Please report problems to phoebe-devel mailing list.

  1. Install the Xcode tools from MacOS installation disk or from the web page: http://developer.apple.com/technology/xcode.html Note: X11 is also needed and should be installed in /Applications/Utilities/X11.app and libraries in /usr/X11. If not available, install it from the installation disk.
  2. Install gfortran from http://hpc.sourceforge.net.
  3. Install some kind of open source porting system, for example, fink found at The Fink Project. Binaries existed for Leopard (OS X 10.5.x) but not Snow Leopard (OS X 10.6.x) at the time of this writing. However, there were instructions and an automated build/install system for fink to run in Snow Leopard.
  4. Install the libraries required by PHOEBE, as well as gnuplot. Use fink install commands to do this. This may take a considerable time if you need to compile everything from source.
  5. Be sure environment flags are properly set so the libraries are findable when compiling PHOEBE. For example, fink installs under /sw and an example of flag settings may be:
    export CFLAGS=-I/sw/include
    export LDFLAGS=-L/sw/lib
    export ACLOCAL_FLAGS="-I /sw/share/aclocal"
    export PKG_CONFIG_PATH="/sw/lib/pkgconfig"
    export PATH=/sw/var/lib/fink/path-prefix-10.6:$PATH
  6. Download PHOEBE sources and unpack them: tar xvzf phoebe-*-0.31.tar.gz
  7. Install phoebe-lib with:
    >$ cd phoebe-lib
    >$ ./configure F77=gfortran FFLAGS="-std=legacy -Wl,-single_module"
    >$ make
    >$ sudo make install
    • the -std=legacy flag might be obsolete in leopard/snow.
    • if you have not set environment flags the paths to fink or macports libraries may have to be included (as CFLAGS="-I<path>" and LDFLAGS="-L<path>"
  8. Install phoebe-scripter with:
    >$ cd phoebe-scripter
    >$ ./configure [CFLAGS="-I<path>"] [LDFLAGS="-L<path>"] # (CFLAGS and LDFLAGS are optional)
    >$ make
    >$ sudo make install
  9. Configure phoebe-gui with:
    >$ ./configure [CFLAGS="-I<path>"] [LDFLAGS="-L<path>"]
    Then edit src/Makefile and change phoebe_gui_LDFLAGS to:
    phoebe_gui_LDFLAGS = -flat_namespace -undefined suppress

    Then issue:
    >$ make
    >$ sudo make install
  10. Run phoebe-gui.
Download the archival version
Pre-0.30 versions of PHOEBE were distributed as a monolithic package; they did not support scripting (well, there was a very primitive pseudo-scripter but its capabilities were very limited) nor independent library functions. Still, the graphical user interface has been appreciated as an important technical advancement. While the 2.x (and legacy 0.3x) versions are winning over because of their flexibility, the original 0.2x GUI may still be occasionally used because it has been fairly well tested. Below you may find a list of archival releases and their respective ChangeLogs.

PHOEBE version Size Format Release Date ChangeLog
PHOEBE 0.29d 1689KB Tarball (.tar.gz) 25. 09. 2007 View
PHOEBE 0.29c 1560KB Tarball (.tar.gz) 04. 07. 2006 View
PHOEBE 0.29b 1560KB Tarball (.tar.gz) 21. 06. 2006 View
PHOEBE 0.29a 1618KB Tarball (.tar.gz) 31. 01. 2006 View
PHOEBE 0.29 1610KB Tarball (.tar.gz) 13. 01. 2006 View
PHOEBE 0.28a 1609KB Tarball (.tar.gz) 10. 11. 2005 View
PHOEBE 0.28 1609KB Tarball (.tar.gz) 01. 11. 2005 View
PHOEBE 0.27 1625KB Tarball (.tar.gz) 30. 05. 2005 View
PHOEBE 0.26 1472KB Tarball (.tar.gz) 21. 10. 2004 View
PHOEBE 0.25 1471KB Tarball (.tar.gz) 23. 07. 2004 View
PHOEBE 0.24 1473KB Tarball (.tar.gz) 03. 05. 2004 View
PHOEBE 0.23 1463KB Tarball (.tar.gz) 14. 04. 2004 View
PHOEBE 0.22 1472KB Tarball (.tar.gz) 19. 01. 2004 View
PHOEBE 0.21 1472KB Tarball (.tar.gz) 17. 12. 2003 View
PHOEBE 0.20 684KB Tarball (.tar.gz) 01. 06. 2003 View

Download limb darkening tables
Extensive computation of limb darkening coefficients is facilitated by providing precomputed tables from which PHOEBE can interpolate the coefficients. PHOEBE can either use the Van Hamme (1993) limb darkening tables or the internal limb darkening tables.

Download Van Hamme (1993) tables. To install, unpack them in a directory of your choice, start PHOEBE and click on Settings->Preferences. Then select Van Hamme (1993) tables and enter the directory to which you saved the tables. You do not need models.list or any of the tables listed below. If Van Hamme tables are all you are going to use, you are done.

Download internal (2011) tables. To install, unpack them in a directory of your choice, start PHOEBE and click on Settings->Preferences. Then select PHOEBE (2011) tables and enter the directory to which you saved the files. The internal limb darkening tables are computed per-passband and new passbands are being added as they become available. The list below lists all currently available passbands. For fine-grained control you can download only the tables you will use.

IMPORTANT: do not put the two tables in the same directory. PHOEBE tables read in the contents for the entire directory and will use up a lot of time to needlessly parse the (incompatible) Van Hamme tables.

Limb darkening coefficients in the internal tables are given for the following 5 limb darkening formulae, where μ=cos θ:

linear cosine: I(μ)/I0 = 1 - xlin (1-μ),
logarithmic: I(μ)/I0 = 1 - xlog (1-μ) - ylog μ log(μ),
square root: I(μ)/I0 = 1 - xsqrt (1-μ) - ysqrt (1-μ1/2),
quadratic: I(μ)/I0 = 1 - xquad (1-μ) - yquad (1-μ)2, and
4th order non-linear: I(μ)/I0 = 1 - c1 (1-μ1/2) - c2 (1-μ) - c3 (1-μ3/2) - c4 (1-μ2).

The coefficients have been precomputed across the H-R diagram. The file models.list contains 3 columns: Teff, log(g) and [M/H], and 3800 rows, one for each model from Castelli & Kurucz's (2004) atlas. This file is used for index lookup and must be present in the designated LD directory.

All remaining files are limb darkening coefficients for a given passband. They start with a header that contains the following keywords: PASS_SET for the passband set (i.e. Johnson), PASSBAND for the passband name (i.e. J), and VERSION to allow for versioning when, for example, a better transmission curve becomes available. Any comments (lines starting with `#') are ignored. What follows is a table with 11 columns and 3800 rows. The columns are: xlin, xlog, ylog, xsqrt, ysqrt, xquad, yquad, c1, c2, c3 and c4, for each limb darkening law. The 3800 rows are indexed according to the models.list lookup table.

The following table contains all passbands that have been computed so far.

File: Passband reference:
models.list Indexing (lookup) table
2MASS J 2MASS handbook
2MASS H 2MASS handbook
2MASS Ks 2MASS handbook
Bolometric Flat on the 300-1000nm range
CoRoT exo Carla Maceroni, priv.comm.
CoRoT sismo Carla Maceroni, priv.comm.
Cousins R Cousins (1976), MmRAS 81, 25
Cousins I Cousins (1976), MmRAS 81, 25
Geneva U Rufener & Nicolet (1988), A&A 206, 357
Geneva B Rufener & Nicolet (1988), A&A 206, 357
Geneva B1 Rufener & Nicolet (1988), A&A 206, 357
Geneva B2 Rufener & Nicolet (1988), A&A 206, 357
Geneva V Rufener & Nicolet (1988), A&A 206, 357
Geneva V1 Rufener & Nicolet (1988), A&A 206, 357
Geneva G Rufener & Nicolet (1988), A&A 206, 357
Hipparcos Hp Hipparcos and Tycho Catalogues, ESA pub. SP-1200, Vol. 1, pg. 39
Hipparcos (Tycho) bT Maiz Apellaniz (2006), AJ 131, 1184
Hipparcos (Tycho) vT Maiz Apellaniz (2006), AJ 131, 1184
Johnson U Maiz Apellaniz (2006), AJ 131, 1184
Johnson B Maiz Apellaniz (2006), AJ 131, 1184
Johnson V Maiz Apellaniz (2006), AJ 131, 1184
Kepler Kepler Science Book
LSST u LSST Science Book
LSST g LSST Science Book
LSST r LSST Science Book
LSST i LSST Science Book
LSST z LSST Science Book
LSST y3 LSST Science Book
LSST y4 LSST Science Book
MOST Walker et al. (2003), PASP 115, 1023
Sloan u' Fukugita et al. (1996) AJ 111, 1748
Sloan g' Fukugita et al. (1996) AJ 111, 1748
Sloan r' Fukugita et al. (1996) AJ 111, 1748
Sloan i' Fukugita et al. (1996) AJ 111, 1748
Sloan z' Fukugita et al. (1996) AJ 111, 1748
Stromgren u Maiz Apellaniz (2006), AJ 131, 1184
Stromgren v Maiz Apellaniz (2006), AJ 131, 1184
Stromgren b Maiz Apellaniz (2006), AJ 131, 1184
Stromgren y Maiz Apellaniz (2006), AJ 131, 1184
SuperWASP pre-2004 Pollacco et al. (2006), PASP 118, 1407
SuperWASP post-2004 Pollacco et al. (2006), PASP 118, 1407