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Source code for phoebe.backend.horizon_analytic

import numpy as np

import libphoebe
from phoebe.backend.mesh import euler_trans_matrix, transform_position_array
from phoebe.frontend import io

    import phoebeBackend as phb
except ImportError:
    _can_phb = False
    _can_phb = True
    _phb_init = False

import logging

logger = logging.getLogger("HORIZON_ANALYTIC")

[docs]def cartesian_to_polar(x, y, x0=0.0, y0=0.0): rhos = np.sqrt((x-x0)**2 + (y-y0)**2) thetas = np.arctan2(y-y0, x-x0) return rhos, thetas
[docs]def polar_to_cartesian(rho, theta, x0=0.0, y0=0.0): x = rho * np.cos(theta) + x0 y = rho * np.sin(theta) + y0 return x, y
[docs]def marching(q, F, d, Phi, scale, euler, pos): """ viewing_vector is in ROCHE coordinate system so not necessarily along z q, F, d, Phi should be body._mesh_args scale should be body._scale """ euler = np.asarray(euler) pos = np.asarray(pos) # print "*** horizon_analytic.marching pos", pos # print "*** horizon_analytic.marching euler", euler viewing_vector = transform_position_array(array=np.array([0, 0, -1]), pos=np.array([0., 0., 0.]), euler=euler, is_normal=True, reverse=True) # print "*** horizon_analytic.marching viewing vector", viewing_vector # note: all of this is done in the ROCHE coordinate system. horizon_roche = libphoebe.roche_horizon(viewing_vector, q, F, d, Phi, choice=0) horizon_roche *= scale horizon_orbit = transform_position_array(array=horizon_roche, pos=pos, euler=euler, is_normal=False, reverse=False) horizon_rhos, horizon_thetas = cartesian_to_polar(horizon_orbit[:,0], horizon_orbit[:,1], pos[0], pos[1]) return {'xs': horizon_orbit[:,0], 'ys': horizon_orbit[:,1], 'zs': horizon_orbit[:,2], 'rhos': horizon_rhos, 'thetas': horizon_thetas}
[docs]def wd(b, time, scale, pos): def rho(theta, c, s): sum = 0.0 for i in range(len(c)): sum += c[i]*np.cos(i*theta)+s[i]*np.sin(i*theta) return sum if not _can_phb: return {'xs': [], 'ys': [], 'zs': [], 'rhos': [], 'zs': []} if not _phb_init: phb.init() phb.configure() # TODO: move this outside the loop into # TODO: make this work without the need to add an LC dataset io.pass_to_legacy(b, 'change_to_tmpfile')'change_to_tmpfile') phb.setpar('phoebe_indep', 'Time (HJD)') combo =,), 0, 0, 1) # phb.quit() if not len(combo[1]['theta']): return {'xs': [], 'ys': [], 'zs': [], 'rhos': [], 'thetas': []} thetas = np.linspace(-np.pi, np.pi, 1001) rhos = rho(thetas, combo[1]['hAc'], combo[1]['hAs']) rhos *= scale xs, ys = polar_to_cartesian(rhos, thetas, pos[0], pos[1]) return {'xs': xs, 'ys': ys, 'zs': np.ones(xs.shape)*pos[2], 'rhos': rhos, 'thetas': thetas}
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