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Source code for phoebe.parameters.feature

from phoebe.parameters import *
from phoebe.parameters import constraint
from phoebe import u
from phoebe import conf

def _component_allowed_for_feature(feature_kind, component_kind):
    _allowed = {}
    _allowed['spot'] = ['star', 'envelope']
    _allowed['pulsation'] = ['star', 'envelope']

    return component_kind in _allowed[feature_kind]

[docs]def spot(feature, **kwargs): """ Create parameters for a spot Generally, this will be used as input to the method argument in :meth:`phoebe.frontend.bundle.Bundle.add_feature` :parameter **kwargs: defaults for the values of any of the parameters :return: a :class:`phoebe.parameters.parameters.ParameterSet` """ params = [] params += [FloatParameter(qualifier="colat", value=kwargs.get('colat', 0.0), default_unit=u.deg, description='Colatitude of the center of the spot')] params += [FloatParameter(qualifier="long", value=kwargs.get('long', 0.0), default_unit=u.deg, description='Longitude of the center of the spot')] params += [FloatParameter(qualifier='radius', value=kwargs.get('radius', 1.0), default_unit=u.deg, description='Angular radius of the spot')] # params += [FloatParameter(qualifier='area', value=kwargs.get('area', 1.0), default_unit=u.solRad, description='Surface area of the spot')] params += [FloatParameter(qualifier='relteff', value=kwargs.get('relteff', 1.0), default_unit=u.dimensionless_unscaled, description='Temperature of the spot relative to the intrinsic temperature')] # params += [FloatParameter(qualifier='teff', value=kwargs.get('teff', 10000), default_unit=u.K, description='Temperature of the spot')] #### TEMPORARY HACK FOR 2.0.* to handle renaming of colon->long params += [FloatParameter(qualifier="colon", value=kwargs.get("colon", 0.0), default_unit=u.deg, description='DEPRECATED PARAMETER REPLACED WITH LONG (SEE RELEASE NOTES)')] constraints = [(constraint.colon_deprecation, feature)] return ParameterSet(params), constraints
[docs]def pulsation(feature, **kwargs): """ Create parameters for a pulsation feature Generally, this will be used as input to the method argument in :meth:`phoebe.frontend.bundle.Bundle.add_feature` :parameter **kwargs: defaults for the values of any of the parameters :return: a :class:`phoebe.parameters.parameters.ParameterSet` """ if not conf.devel: raise NotImplementedError("'pulsation' feature not officially supported for this release. Enable developer mode to test.") params = [] params += [FloatParameter(qualifier='radamp', value=kwargs.get('radamp', 0.1), default_unit=u.dimensionless_unscaled, description='Relative radial amplitude of the pulsations')] params += [FloatParameter(qualifier='freq', value=kwargs.get('freq', 1.0), default_unit=u.d**-1, description='Frequency of the pulsations')] params += [FloatParameter(qualifier='l', value=kwargs.get('l', 1.0), default_unit=u.dimensionless_unscaled, description='Non-radial degree l')] params += [FloatParameter(qualifier='m', value=kwargs.get('m', 1.0), default_unit=u.dimensionless_unscaled, description='Azimuthal order m')] params += [BoolParameter(qualifier='teffext', value=kwargs.get('teffext', False), description='Switch to denote whether Teffs are provided by the external code')] constraints = [] return ParameterSet(params), constraints
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