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Advanced: Animations

NOTE: this example script may take a while to load in a browser as there are many embedded animations.


As always, let’s do imports and initialize a logger and a new Bundle. See Building a System for more details.

import phoebe
from phoebe import u # units
import numpy as np
import matplotlib.pyplot as plt

logger = phoebe.logger()

b = phoebe.default_binary()
times = np.linspace(0,1,51)
b.add_dataset('lc', times=times, dataset='lc01')
<ParameterSet: 15 parameters | contexts: compute, dataset>
b.add_dataset('orb', times=times, dataset='orb01')
<ParameterSet: 3 parameters | contexts: compute, dataset>
b.add_dataset('mesh', times=times, dataset='mesh01', columns=['teffs'])
<ParameterSet: 4 parameters | contexts: compute, dataset>
<ParameterSet: 324 parameters | kinds: mesh, orb, lc>

Default Animations

By passing animate=True to, b.savefig(), or the final call to b.plot() along with save='filename.gif or show=True will create an animation instead of a static plot.

Alternatively, you can call afig.animate() on the returned afig object returned by b.plot().

afig, mplanim = b.plot(y={'orb': 'ws'},
                       animate=True, save='animations_1.gif', save_kwargs={'writer': 'imagemagick'})


Note that like the rest of the examples below, this is simply the animated version of the exact same call to plot

Providing Times

To override the default times explained above, pass a list or array to the times keyword. For synthetic models, highlight mode will be enabled by default and the provided time does not need to be one that is computed - the value will be interpolated if it is not. However, for plotting meshes, the exact time must be stored in the synthetic meshes or they will not be drawn.

This is especially usefully in cases where you may not want to repeat the first and last frame for a looping gif, or where you want a smoother animation by interpolation. In this example we’ll plot all but the last time so that the loop doesn’t have a repeated frame.

In this example, times[:-1:2] means skip the last time and only use every-other time.

This option is not available from run_compute - a frame will be drawn for each computed time.

afig, mplanim = b.plot(y={'orb': 'ws'},
                       times=times[:-1:2], animate=True, save='animations_2.gif', save_kwargs={'writer': 'imagemagick'})


Plotting Options

By default, time highlighting is turned on. See the plotting tutorial for details on ‘highlight’ and ‘uncover’ options.

Any additional arguments (colors, linestyle, etc) are passed to the plot call for EACH frame and for EVERY plotting call.

afig, mplanim = b['lc01@model'].plot(times=times[:-1], uncover=True,\
                                     c='r', linestyle=':',\
                                     highlight_marker='s', highlight_color='g',
                                     animate=True, save='animations_3.gif', save_kwargs={'writer': 'imagemagick'})


b['mesh01@model'].plot(times=times[:-1], fc='teffs', ec='None',
                       animate=True, save='animations_4.gif', save_kwargs={'writer': 'imagemagick'})


Disabling Fixed Limits

By default, as can be seen above in the mesh animation, the limits of the axes are automatically set so that they are fixed throughout the animation.

Sometimes this may not be desired. By setting xlim='frame' (and/or ylim='frame'), the axes limits are determined automatically per-frame instead of fixed throughout the animation.

For more information and other options see the autofig tutorial on limits

b['lc01@model'].plot(times=times[:-1], uncover=True, xlim='frame',
                    animate=True, save='animations_5.gif', save_kwargs={'writer': 'imagemagick'})


3D axes

Plotting to 3D axes are supported. In addition to the options for static plots, animations also support passing a list for the range of elevation/azimuth (in degrees) throughout the animation.

b['orb01@model'].plot(times=times[:-1], projection='3d', azim=[0, 360], elev=[-20,20],
                      animate=True, save='animations_6.gif', save_kwargs={'writer': 'imagemagick'})


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