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Limb Darkening


As always, let’s do imports and initialize a logger and a new bundle. See Building a System for more details.

%matplotlib inline
import phoebe
from phoebe import u # units
import numpy as np
import matplotlib.pyplot as plt

logger = phoebe.logger()

b = phoebe.default_binary()

We’ll just add an ‘lc’ dataset

b.add_dataset('lc', times=np.linspace(0,1,101), dataset='lc01')
<ParameterSet: 15 parameters | contexts: compute, dataset>

Relevant Parameters

print b['ld_func_bol@primary']
Parameter: ld_func_bol@primary@component
                       Qualifier: ld_func_bol
                     Description: Bolometric limb darkening model
                           Value: logarithmic
                         Choices: linear, logarithmic, quadratic, square_root, power
print b['ld_func_bol@primary'].choices
['linear', 'logarithmic', 'quadratic', 'square_root', 'power']
print b['ld_coeffs_bol@primary']
Parameter: ld_coeffs_bol@primary@component
                       Qualifier: ld_coeffs_bol
                     Description: Bolometric limb darkening coefficients
                           Value: [0.5 0.5]
                  Constrained by:
                      Constrains: None
                      Related to: None
print b['ld_func@lc01']
ParameterSet: 2 parameters
    ld_func@primary@lc01@dataset: interp
  ld_func@secondary@lc01@dataset: interp
print b['ld_func@lc01@primary'].choices
['interp', 'linear', 'logarithmic', 'quadratic', 'square_root', 'power']

Note that ld_coeffs isn’t visible (relevant) if ld_func==’interp’

b['ld_func@lc01@primary'] = 'logarithmic'
print b['ld_coeffs@lc01@primary']
Parameter: ld_coeffs@primary@lc01@dataset
                       Qualifier: ld_coeffs
                     Description: Limb darkening coefficients
                           Value: [0.5 0.5]
                  Constrained by:
                      Constrains: None
                      Related to: None
                 Only visible if: ld_func:!interp

Influence on Light Curves (fluxes)

<ParameterSet: 2 parameters | qualifiers: fluxes, times>
afig, mplfig = b['lc01@mymodel'].plot(show=True)
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