Contact Us

There are several options to get help with PHOEBE. The obvious one is to start with the documentation, especially the tutorials. We also have several mailing lists set up where you can ask questions and exchange experiences with other users and developers.

Electronic mailing lists enable people to communicate, ask for help and share experiences with other subscribers on the given list. There are three PHOEBE-related mailing lists where you are invited to participate:
PHOEBE announcements is a low traffic list. It informs you of new releases and critical updates concerning PHOEBE. Typically the number of messages that are sent out is 1 per month.
PHOEBE discussion is a higher traffic list. It is meant for active and potential PHOEBE users to exchange knowledge and experience and to help others with their problems.
PHOEBE development mailing list is meant for people that are or would like to join active PHOEBE development. Technical and programming issues are discussed here.